Every Job, Weed Free with our Right of Way Spray

100% Guarantee – We don’t settle for less and you shouldn’t either. 

Bareground Vegetation Management

Outlaw Spraying goes the extra mile to provide fast, safe, and effective bareground vegetation management (weed control) on industrial and utility sites. Our professional team in application works hard to ensure that ground is kept bare and free of weeds to maintain easy access and a safe working environment.

When it comes to fighting weeds in your gravel, there is no match for Outlaw!

Specific areas on industrial sites, tank farms, utility substations, wind farms, valve sites, railways, and runways be kept completely weed-free to ensure safety and productivity. While traditional methods of weed cutting offer a temporary solution, our Right of Way Chemical Mix provides season-long bare ground control.

  • Versatile solutions customized for each client
  • Trained and knowledgeable applicators
  • Effective Right of Way Mix for Bare ground weed control
  • Tank Farms
  • Pump Stations
  • Road Crossings
  • Valve Sites
  • Wind Farms
  • Sub Stations
  • ROW’s
  • Rail Road
  • Oil Field Locations
  • Airports

Our application team is fully licensed and trained to understand and manage the products we apply. We work with governmental agencies to assure your sites and ROW’s are up to the standards which you expect. We understand the essentials of compliance. Applicators maintain good recordkeeping. Safety training is kept current. Personal protective equipment is worn at all times, and hazard communication with site personnel is priority. We always work to maintain the standards of your company as well as our own.

commercial weed control

Most of our services are guaranteed throughout the growing season. You pay once, and if Mother Nature wins the battle, we will be back to make it right at no cost to you.


At Outlaw, we stand behind our work. We revisited the site pictured here (without being called). We then cleaned up the roadside area and a few other things as part of our commitment to 100% satisfaction. 

Our experts in application work hard to ensure that ground is kept bare and free of weeds to maintain the safest working environment.


  • Bare Ground Spraying
  • Brush and Vegetation Kill/Control
  • Tree Kill/Control
  • Vegetation Retardants
  • Grass and Turf Control
  • Location Mowing Services

While Outlaw provides services to all the industry mentioned above, we consider the care and management of the Oilfield and Petroleum products Industry our specialty. Outlaw Spraying Inc. provides a full array of vegetation control services to all aspects of the oil and natural gas business.

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